About a year ago we gave you five reasons to get your stock on findandfund, and it’s safe to say those reasons have stood the test of time. findandfundmycar.com is seeing record volumes of leads month after month, and continues to be a go-to for car buyers even in the midst of the pandemic.

Offering a tailored online experience, with finance options and home delivery at their fingertips, findandfund has adapted over the past year to meet the needs of the current car buyer. Even with restrictions easing at varying levels across the UK, we’re still seeing trend toward online car searches.

Choice and convenience 

  • Up to 140,000 vehicles on site from over 2,000 dealers means customers have plenty of choice, and full-page advert views continue to increase month on month as a result.
  • Account Area sign ups are higher than ever as more customers take advantage of the ‘save vehicle’ feature to streamline their search.
  • Leads generated from findandfund are increasing every month too, hitting an all-time high in June and telling us that these visitors mean business.

Monthly updates and improvements 

  • Improving the Decision in Principle capability, our latest update delivers a more precise decisioning tool. Pulling in data from our live scorecard rather than relying on historic data, customers can get a more accurate indication of credit acceptance, without impacting their credit score. Once they know that, they can search for cars within their budget. 
  • Another recent feature is the home delivery icon, helping customers see which dealerships can deliver straight to their door. 

Bigger and better campaigns

Helping customers realise the benefit of findandfund and our Account Area feature, buyers have the chance to win £1,000 off their vehicle finance when they find and fund their new wheels with us (until August 18th). We’re betting that makes a good conversation starter in the dealership!

Staying top of mind for car buyers, we also run quarterly campaigns in local and national press. Our latest campaign showcases the most popular sports cars around the world, in line with the Fast & Furious movie release. Earlier in the year you’ll have spotted us in The Sun, The Express and The Mirror talking about the legalities of driving with snow on your roof.

So, what's that mean for dealers?

Variety of stock and a convenient online journey means more and more customers are choosing findandfund, which in turn is generating further leads for our dealers. We’re seeing monthly increases of up to 14% on visit to lead rates, showing that our visitors have a strong intent to buy. We’re reaching more customers than ever in the press, on social and via our targeted digital adverts – ultimately getting more eyes on our dealers’ stock.

Don’t miss out on a sale, get your stock on findandfund today.

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