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Used car prices have started to stabilise, showrooms are being restocked and pent up demand is starting to level out. But, the shift in buying trends is something that will continue long into the future, and the need for an online retail journey has made its way into the car buying industry.

The physical nature of shopping for a car in the showroom used to play a huge part in our buying habits. Customers would want to see and feel the car, take it for a test drive and try out all the features and gadgets. However, after months in lockdown and a need to shield or social distance, we’re seeing a clear shift toward online buying trends and digital browsing. With the advent of home delivery and click & collect, some customers are even buying the vehicle without seeing it first.

As we start to regain some sense of normality, we’ve seen findandfund performance increase so much that its better than pre-lockdown levels. Offering customers the opportunity to search, browse and even buy their vehicle from the safety of their own home, it’s not surprising that more customers are choosing to start and finish their journey online.

If you want to get more eyes on your stock, findandfund is the place to be. Here’s why:

  1. Demand is returning and stabilising

Cap HPI have seen used car prices stabilise after lockdown and the influx of sales as things start to return to normal. People are turning to older vehicles and demand is increasing for convertibles and cabriolets as we head into the summer months.

2. Customers want an online journey

A huge 65% of UK shoppers said they’re making more online purchases than usual(Econsultancy) and daily internet usage increased up to 90% during lockdown (Virgin Media).

3. Buyers are choosing findandfund

findandfund has seen a 41% increase in visitors since the first week of Covid lockdown in March, now higher than pre-lockdown levels.  Customer interest is building and site visits have stayed strong into the summer, showing increasing demand for used cars.

4. findandfund is generating valuable leads

Stock listed on findandfund is now generating more leads than ever, with a record month in June since the site was launched. So not only are more people visiting the site, they’re showing a genuine interest in the vehicles they find. Since the quietest week of lockdown (in March), dealers have seen leads increase by 214%. 

5. More people are searching on findandfund

More people are taking the time to search for the perfect vehicle on findandfund, with searches increasing 73% in July compared to the peak of lockdown. We’re also seeing trends shift toward older and possibly more affordable vehicles as people start to adjust their spending habits.

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