Sharing tips on their favourite MotoNovo products, the importance of customer reviews and what they've taken away from the last year, we're catching up with Extra Mile Award winners, Van Monster, Carzam and Car Time Motor Company UK.

We're proud to celebrate and recognise our dealer partners who are always going above and beyond. To meet our first lot of winners and learn more about the Extra Mile Awards, click here.


Van Monster

Partnership Award Winner

What do you think was the driving force behind your win?

MotoNovo and their services are embedded in our sales process and are an integral part of our sales offering to every customer.

What initiative has made a difference to your dealership?

MotoNovo’s forward thinking and willingness to integrate with Evolution Fundings software has allowed for seamless finance proposals being re-routed.

How would you describe your relationship with MotoNovo?

Exceptional. They’ve been consistent in the 6 years we’ve have been involved with them. 


Customer Journey Award Winner

What does providing excellent customer service mean to you?

We believe that excellent customer service is built on trust and transparency. By offering a haggle free experience, we’re able to provide customers with all the information and support they need. We also put a lot of focus on listening to our customers and invite all our customers to review their experience on Trustpilot. This level of focus has driven us to achieve the Trustpilot badge of excellence within our first 4 months of operating. A testament to our ongoing commitment to deliver outstanding customer experience.

How do you maintain a relationship with customers after they’ve left the forecourt?

We use an intelligent CRM system which allows us to communicate with our customers based on what we know about them. We want to make their experience personal to both them and their car. Like all used cars, customers are unique and the way we talk to them should be too. This starts from when they first enquiry, through to their post purchase experience. We’re always looking to develop and improve our communications to provide our customers with valuable, meaningful interactions with our brand.

If at all, how has your sales routine changed since the pandemic?

Carzam launched at the peak of the pandemic with multiple restrictions in place. Due to our online structure, our business has been extremely resilient to the pandemic and its restrictions. Our sales process proved to be more robust during this unprecedented time. Our superior, digital experience means customers can purchase from the comfort and safety of their own homes with the only physical contact being at the point of handover. 

Car Time Motor Company UK

Partnership Award Winner

How would you describe your relationship with MotoNovo?

MotoNovo has supported our business since the very early days and over time, we've developed a very strong working relationship that is focused around providing the best service to our customers. MotoNovo care about our business and our exciting plans for the future and have become a true trusted partner. We look forward to continuing this partnership as the business expands.

How does MotoNovo support your dealership?

We have great support from our Account Managers, Mike and Sarah, who have always believed in what we are trying to achieve at Cartime and have been great advocates for our business.

What has been your main take-away from the past year?

The pandemic made us analyse the structure of our business in more detail and increase our focus even more on the customer, distance selling and digital technology. Some of the changes we've had to make to improve our business will continue to benefit us moving forward for years to come and ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry.

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