Shouting from the rooftops once again about our dealer partners and celebrating those who go the extra mile for their customers, contribute to their community and back us with our latest products and initiatives, we’re bringing you stories from the most recent Extra Mile Award winners. If you’re not sure what the Extra Mile Awards are all about, click here.

Find out how the winners circle stand out from competitors, what MotoNovo products have made a big impact on their dealerships and how they’re giving back to the community around them. This week, we’re catching up with Bridgend Motor Group, MB Motors Ballymena and David Clancy Group.

Bridgend Motor Group

Community Impact Award Winner

How did you decide which charity to raise money for?

Over the past 30 years, we’ve looked at many charities to support. We came to a decision to look at a local one that could help everyone in the community we belong to and The Ayrshire Hospice fitted the bill perfectly.

Tell us a bit more about the annual ball you put on?

Throughout the years, we’ve supported the main Hospice Summer Ball in South Ayrshire and many other events they organise. 20 years ago, I was asked to help set up a North Ayrshire Autumn Ball and as they say, the rest is history. We’ve managed to raise over £1m with this event with a lot of support from the local community and businesses like MotoNovo. This has remained at the top of the local social calendar with guests wanting to come back each year!

What would you say to other dealerships looking to get involved with charity work?

Try and pick a charity that all your customers and families can get involved with. 

MB Motors Ballymena

Customer Journey Award Winner

What do you think was the driving force behind your win?

We have built our business on customer service and doing what we can to treat each and every customer that comes through our gates fairly and with the upmost respect. No pushy sales and a relaxed atmosphere.

How do you stand out from competitors?

We invested in a small lorry for our home deliveries, upgraded our website to create fully contactless purchases and last year, invested heavily in expanding our forecourt. We’ve also installed a new 200m2 shed which facilitates a new detailing bay, workshop and a turn table to showcase our cars as best we can.

What does providing excellent customer service mean to you?

It’s everything and our reviews speak volumes for the business we are today. We strive to be the best in the business and handle any complaints (thankfully very few) as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re humans and don’t get it right all the time, but we do our best to make sure we try our hardest. 

David Clancy Group

Partnership Award Winner

How would you describe your relationship with MotoNovo?

We have a long-standing partnership with MotoNovo and consider them extremely important to the growth of the group. Our Account Manager provides around the clock support and is always forward thinking with his ideas on how to improve our sales process, consumer journey and overall performance.

What product has made a difference to your dealership?

MotoRate has proven to be really successful for us. Being able to offer a lower headline rate and monthly price to our customers has increased unit sales and finance penetration. This coupled with digital tools such as Quote and Propose and Self-Serve mean we are able to provide a really compelling and compliant digital consumer journey, in a world where customers want ease and transparency.  

What has been your main take-away from the past year?

Cover all bases. Although the industry has changed a lot, great customer service is still key – whether on the phone, in the showroom or online, we must be able to offer a great (and personalised) consumer journey to all. 

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