The stars have aligned for June 21st, bringing us World Motorcycle Day and the Summer Solstice all on the same day. It's the perfect opportunity for a late ride, but in any event, it's a day to be on two wheels.

Whether it's Land’s End or John O’Groats, we can but hope that the weather is kind and we'll be able to ride into the sunset and, of course, do it safely. #WorldMotorcycleDay is a global event and being on your bike today, of all days, you'll be part of a worldwide celebration.

After the last year and the restrictions required during the pandemic, jumping onto a bike has reminded me of the freedom that a motorcycle, regardless of size or style, brings. I know that this message has always been prominent in motorcycle marketing, but it has new resonance for me right now. For this reason, I hope on celebrating the motorcycle on June 21st; we also remember to champion it.

Two-wheels makes sense for many people. Environmentally and economically, travel time, parking ease and initial cost all favour two-wheels and the data shows more people are getting on board. It seems likely that people are making the switch from public transport to two-wheels, and the rise in sports bikes highlights that some people are turning to motorbikes for leisure use too. What is evident, is that a rise in motorcycle sales is happening

On June 7th, the latest new sales figures for ‘powered two wheelers’ (PTWs)  showed a year on year increase of 148% with 13,398 sales and electric PTWs sales rose an impressive 340%. Let’s reach out and welcome the many new people to the biking fraternity. Years ago, when I first jumped out on my 49cc ‘power machine,’ the elation when far more senior bikers gave me a thumbs up, wave, or more frequently that slight nod meant I knew I was part of something.

Whether it's on World Motorcycle Day or any day, let’s make every fellow biker know they're welcome.

Julian Oliver, National Motorcycle Manager

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