We’re coming in hot with round two of our Extra Mile Award winners, catching up with Top Car Inverness, Amanah Prestige and Foray Motor Group.

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Top Car Inverness

Customer Journey Award

What do you think was the driving force behind your win?

Absolutely our planning of the business model at the very beginning of opening the business. Every part of our business was set up with the customer in mind. Before Top Car opened its doors, our business plan had great customer outcomes at its heart. We had to think ‘how easy are we to do business with?’. We then went looking for the holes in our process and filled them with a mixture of technology and experience. 

What’s your secret to providing excellent customer service every time?

Genuinely caring about the customer. All the customer wants is to feel they are being looked after. You may sell 20-30 cars per month but make that customer feel like they are the only one you are dealing with. Regular updates, let them know what to expect and follow through on your promises. If the car breaks, fix it. Mistakes won’t define your business, reacting well to them definitely will.

Do you have any positive feedback or customers stories you can share in relation to MotoRate?

MotoRate has been a game changer for Top Car. The product has transformed our finance penetration from mid 20% to 50%. Our customers are receiving the finance rate they deserve. Top Car is delighted we’re helping customers with great finance deals, MotoNovo supply the finance to the dealer/customer and the customer is often delighted with the payments, the dealer and their new car. MotoNovo coined the phrase “The Triple Win”. It’s playing out a treat at Top Car Inverness. 

Amanah Prestige

Community Impact Award winner

What does supporting the community mean to your dealership?

Charity starts at home, so I want to support the local community and where you can see the results.

What do you think was the driving force behind your win?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Tell us a bit more about the community work you’re involved with?

We work within the local community and a portion of our profit donated goes to a variety of different areas such as the community and schools, but also to those who are less fortunate.

How do you decide how to raise money/give back?

Wherever it is needed locally. I have a strong local support for my business and am keen to aid other where and how I am able to also.

Foray Motor Group

Partnership Award winner

What made you want to partner with MotoNovo?

We saw MotoNovo as a ‘forward thinking’ and innovative finance company, and this suited our business strategy. Anecdotally, we’d heard very good things and good feedback from others.

What’s been a standout moment from your relationship with MotoNovo?

Definitely the introduction of MotoRate. Our teams have adjusted really well to presenting finance in a different way and our customers are finding the process very transparent. They can access the quoting system the minute they find a car online and get an idea of the rate and monthly payments right at the start of their journey.

What do you think was the driving force behind your win?

The driving force has been the focus of our teams on used car growth whilst also focussing on finance penetration. There was a need to reset our processes when the showrooms opened again to customers. The sales management team have worked tirelessly to take advantage of the strong used car market and at the same time have increased finance penetrations.  

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