MotoNovo Finance is providing impressive evidence that its dealers are doing a measurably great job in helping their customers. Now, they are making their unique point-of-sale customer technology available to dealers who don’t currently use their digital signature process that has the satisfaction survey embedded into it and which is completed by a highly statistically significant 75% of all customers.   

Since launch, in August 215, 288,973 customers have completed MotoNovo’s digital customer satisfaction survey, assessing their dealer experience as 94.5/100. This highly impressive number feeds straight into dealer ratings used by to provide potential customers with confidence in a selected dealer. With all the research completed by past customers, it is a highly compelling picture. 

Launched in August 2015 and recorded at the point of purchase, the customer satisfaction report has become well-established as part of MotoNovo Finance’s digital signature process. The system measures customer satisfaction during the car buying and financing experience to promote good customer outcomes; which is why these dealer specific reviews now also form an integral part of Reflecting on the value to car buyers of this feedback tool, Phil Morgan Head of notes; “ is all about feel-good car buying, and the dealer rating tool is an integral part of the proposition. The feedback from other car buyers at dealership level on their car buying and financing experience provides an accurate and objective real-time view of what other buyers can expect. It is a vital part of the trust-building ethos behind the service.” 

Now, access to the feedback tool is to be extended to those dealers who do not use the digital signature process. The newly launched provides an opportunity for customers signing manually to complete the survey on their mobile device. This will ensure that every customer has the opportunity to rate their dealer and buying experience with a simple SMS link to the review service sent by the supplying dealer to the customer’s mobile phone. 

“When you look at the overall feedback provided by customers since 2015, the statistical significance of an overall satisfaction rating of 94.5/100 from over a quarter of a million customers is very impressive and provides arguably the widest dealer feedback mechanism in the market today. Dealers, car buyers tell us, are doing a great job overall,” concludes Morgan.
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