MotoNovo finance has launched its classified advertising service built on a set of co-operative principals which aim to cut costs for car dealers.

A multi-million pound promotional campaign across satellite and terrestrial TV, radio and external marketing across the UK got underway this week to promote the new platform.

Phil Morgan, who was part of the team that established GoCompare as a leading UK brand, is findandfundmycar’s head of business and plans to use the lessons learnt there to create another household brand.

He said: “The key to launching a new brand is all about high impact and a ‘recency and frequency’ of brand noise that embeds the name into the consumer’s sub-conscious.

“With every dealer penny spent being reinvested into the new service, can become the alternative online classified service that so many dealers have told us they want.

“At the same time as promoting cars, we are promoting dealer finance; the message to car buyers is very clear; for finance and cars, the dealer is the place to go.”

The business launch sees the new venture go live with 75,000 cars from more than 1,600 dealers, and Morgan expects this number to grow rapidly as dealers see the branding pretty much everywhere in the months ahead.

The service is open to car retailers who are not customers of Moto Novo finance, a spokesman said.

Morgan added: “The co-operative principle of, where every dealer pays the same amount, where cars are ranked by price, not as sponsored cars with an advertising premium – something we do not believe is good for customer transparency – and where we make no money from the advertising is a ground-breaker.

“As dealers see the brand and recognise how it typically creates value and cuts advertising costs, we expect to see a steady growth in consumer activity and dealer support.”
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