We’re bringing you stories from the winner’s circle as we launch our brand new dealer recognition initiative, the Extra Mile Awards. In case you missed it, you can find out everything you need to know about the awards right here, or check out our social channels for the winners in each category.

Find out how some of our top partners run their dealership, interact with customers and contribute to their community. This week, we catch up with Just Audi VW, KCS of Surrey and Car Quay LTD for a quick Q&A about their dealership and award win.

Just Audi VW

Community Impact Award Winner

What does helping the community mean to you?
It means so much because we are in a position where we can put back into the community, so we do. The community around us helped us to get where we are today.

How do you choose which charities you raise money for?
We annually review the charities we donate to as a team and the majority wins – it’s a simple process. There is no ‘main’ charity as we also actively help charities abroad as well as the local ones.

How do you raise awareness of your charity work?
Mainly via the website on our blog page, we are careful about what we post on social media and use this sparingly, however we do often make a visual impact in the showroom.

Joe Flint, Just Audi VW

KCS of Surrey

Partnership Award Winner

What MotoNovo products or initiatives have been an asset to your dealership?
MotoRate has been a significant game changer for us. I could see Liam, our Account Manager, truly believed in it and I’m happy to report the sales team also fully embrace MotoRate, and I’m convinced it’s an excellent product where the customer, Motonovo and KCS all greatly benefit.

How did MotoNovo support you through the pandemic?
Motonovo were truly fantastic during the pandemic offering support and advice throughout. Justin Clements, Head of Motor, also arranged regular Zoom meetings with several independent dealers which was hugely beneficial. Motonovo easily offered the best support to dealers out of all our suppliers and providers.

How do you think this past year could impact/change the future of the car buying industry?
I believe our industry has witnessed a Covid accelerator of at least 5 years. The vast majority of consumers still want to touch and feel the vehicle before committing to a purchase, however most consumers are now doing all their research with their thumbs rather than their feet which has streamlined our business.

Sean Purvis, KCS of Surrey

Car Quay LTD

Customer Journey Award Winner

Over the past year, how have you dealt with the shift to the online car buying journey?
We’ve updated our website and advertising channels, embraced video calling and technology, been much more open to delivering vehicles across the nation and accepted the change that has been forced upon us and made the very most of it.

Tell us what a typical day looks like in your dealership? 
Busy! On a personal level I oversee everything and aim to keep not only the team happy and motivated but the customer experience as smooth, simple and positive as possible.

How has your dealership adapted to social distancing requirements?
We follow Government guidelines, had an inspection from the HSE which we passed with flying colours, have screens on all desks, distancing measures in place, hand sanitiser dotted around the business and signage clearly identifying the rules on site.

What are your top tips for providing excellent customer service every time?
Simple really, treat the customer how I would want to be treated if I was buying car or visiting a business. It really is that simple. Be polite, be patient, be positive and treat people like friends and they will enjoy the experience.

Jamie Caple, Car Quay LTD

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