You may remember that last year, we launched The Extra Mile Awards to recognise and celebrate our dealer network. Shining a spotlight on dealerships who go above and beyond, provide excellent customer service, consider the wider community and are always forward thinking in their approach to business, we’re catching up with some of our latest winners. Meet White Horse Motors, CarFinance 247 and County Garage Ford. 

White Horse Motors

Partnership Award winner

What do you think was the driving force behind your win?

We have an excellent team that strives to ensure that we offer the highest levels of customer service possible to our clients and that our cars are presented immaculately at all times. We believe that this along with our family-run business ethics is the driving force behind us winning the award and hopefully winning more in the future.

How would you describe your relationship with MotoNovo?

Our relationship with MotoNovo is based on trust, loyalty and a shared interest in giving our mutual clients the highest level of service possible.

What MotoNovo product/initiative has made a positive impact to your dealership?

MotoRate has made a very positive impact on our business and has been a breath of fresh air overall to be honest, it’s a seamless product for ourselves, MotoNovo and our clients. 

CarFinance 247

Community Impact Award winner

What do you think was the driving force behind your win? 

From their first day, our employees understand the importance of supporting our local community and are just as committed as we are to making a difference. Their enthusiasm, commitment, and selflessness when it comes to our charitable initiatives helps our contributions transcend the financial and actively improve young peoples’ lives. Countless team members have come back from visits to the Manchester Youth Zone feeling more connected to their community and inspired to do more. It’s a cause that unites us all and is key to our company culture.

Tell us a bit more about your work with the Manchester Youth Zone? 

We’ve been working with Manchester Youth Zone for five years and are proud to have been able to support them in several different ways. Alongside an annual financial donation, we’ve sponsored family food parcels and helped to pack and distribute them. We also participated in the MYZ 100 challenge, have volunteered to run activities at the centre, donated TVs and laptops, funded a new sensory room and revamp of the Makers’ Space, purchased a minibus, and helped support young people build their own businesses by judging the centre’s take on Dragon’s Den. Almost all our team members have been involved with the Youth Zone in one way or another, whether it’s visiting the centre to work directly with children and young people, contributing to our annual Christmas toy drive, or taking part in fundraising challenges such as Tough Mudder, the Manchester 10K, or our regular quiz nights.  

What does winning this award mean to you? 

While our support of Manchester Youth Zone isn’t about winning awards or getting credit for us, it still means a lot for our efforts to be recognised and to have the opportunity to spread the word about the charity’s vital work even further. We encourage all our employees to use one paid day a year to support the community – it’s called our Make a Difference Day. We’re honoured to receive this award and are committed to continuing to dedicate time and resources to improving young peoples’ lives in Manchester.  

Auto Sportiva

Customer Journey Award winner

What do you think was the driving force behind your win?

The overall customer journey is something that we have carefully cultivated over a number of years. Every decision we make, we try to ensure we have the customer journey and positive experiences at the centre of the discussion. I believe that's why customers choose to make their Premium Vehicle purchase with us time and time again. 

What MotoNovo tools help enhance the customer experience?

To be recognised for our efforts in ensuring good customer experiences and an overall great customer journey reinforces our ethos of having that at the heart of the way in which we conduct business. MotoNovo is a partner who share those values and their digital offering goes hand in hand with providing a positive customer journey, whether that be Self-Serve or their online calculator which enables our customers to experience a seamless purchase. 

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