Hosted by Credit Strategy, the Women in Credit Awards are the only awards that exclusively champion the work of women across the financial services industry. Empowering, connecting, supporting and celebrating the work of inspirational female leaders is just a snapshot of what the awards represent. It’s certainly not one to be missed!

We’re proud to celebrate our shortlisted candidates for not only their impact at MotoNovo Finance, but for their contribution to the industry as a whole.

Meet Cathy and Shamaila, sharing how their journey has led them here: 

Cathy Addicott, Customer Relationship Advisor, for Lifetime Achievement Award

“I’m enormously delighted, honoured and grateful to be nominated just for carrying out a job that I have always enjoyed so much. I feel diversity and inclusion go hand in hand and is becoming a natural part of our society outside and certainly within the workplace. The awards do a great job of highlighting the work that has already been done. I acknowledge there is still work to do, but we’re heading in the right direction. I’m fully supported and encouraged at MotoNovo, I always have been since I started.”

Shamaila Madeley, National Account Manager, for Colleague of the Year

“I’m extremely grateful to be recognised for my contributions to my role and beyond. Being a finalist for ‘colleague of the year’ could not have been achieved without the support of my mentors and colleagues. Diversity to me is about people with different traits and characteristics that make them unique, and inclusion is to make unique people feel part of a group and ‘included’.  MotoNovo's D&I programme has been an amazing opportunity for me. Training, mentoring, awareness, and a platform to be heard and noticed have all opened up for me. In all honesty, the combination and some amazing role models have seen my self-belief and confidence blossoming.”

Reflecting on their careers, Cathy and Shamaila also have words of wisdom for young women starting out in our industry…

“Listen and absorb as much information as you can, surround yourself with positive people, be punctual and loyal to your employers, keep calm and try to learn from any criticism.”  - Cathy

“Invest in yourself – keep learning and investing time in your personal development. I was someone who wanted to see results straight away, mainly because of my personal circumstances at the time. Now I take the time to invest in my personal development. Taking my time in building my career - it’s certainly paying off!”  - Shamaila

The awards provide a platform to encourage diversity and inclusion across the industry, and as a business, we’re committed to playing out part to continue making a positive change.

Judged by thirteen senior women and business leaders from across the industry, keep an eye on our social channels to see how they get on!

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