Generating Real Opportunities for Women

Navigating growth for women on the forecourt and beyond, we’re proud to announce the launch of our first women’s network, GROW. Creating a support network across our dealer and broker partners, GROW is aiming to increase female representation within the automotive industry. 

Alongside his commitment to the Automotive 30% Club’s '30 by 30' strategy, working towards filling at least 30% of key leadership positions with talented women by 2030, a goal the business achieved this year with a 50/50 split within our Senior Leadership Team, Managing Director, Karl Werner, is also a key sponsor of the network:

“Embracing diversity and inclusion in all its guises is central to MotoNovo’s culture. We want to play our part in creating a fairer society and have taken big strides to ‘raise our own bar' as an employer. Broadening this out to support and encourage people and businesses across the automotive sector to adopt similar change and feel the benefits we see building is a natural extension. As an active member of the Automotive 30% Club, I am delighted to be the sponsor of our Women Network and look forward to playing my part in championing it as a platform for positive change.”

As part of his commitment to the Automotive 30% Club, Karl appointed Debbie McKay, Commercial Director of Motor Sales and Claire Fussey, Senior Retention Manager, as strategy leads for implementing the ’30 by 30’ goal and building upon positive steps that have already been taken.

A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Claire Fussey is also acting as chairperson for GROW;

‘Supporting growth in the automotive industry is an exciting prospect. Supporting the growth of female talent is something I am super passionate about. Together we can all make the difference to a brighter future’

Throughout the year, we’re hosting a number of virtual and networking events for our dealer network - sharing news, insights and resources to help progress diversity in the world of all things automotive.  

Keep up to date with us on LinkedIn and the blog for updates, as we continue the journey to building a better normal. 

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