Championing the work of women across the credit and financial services industry, we’re extremely proud to celebrate our incredible Women in Credit Awards finalists.

Empowering, supporting and uncovering achievements among inspirational women, the awards provide a platform to encourage diversity and inclusion across the industry. As a business, we’re committed to playing our part in driving positive change.

Meet some of our very worthy finalists, with a few words of inspiration for future women leaders looking to kickstart their career:

Debbie McKay, Commercial Director of Motor Sales, for Business Leader of the Year

“Surround yourself with good female role models, seek out mentors and be true to yourself. Really understand what you are good at, then make them your superpowers! Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential and leads you to greater performance and personal happiness.”

Corinne Edwards, Customer Services Manager, for Team Leader of the Year

“Work ethic, courage, positivity and honesty goes a long way in starting a career in credit. Focusing on your self-confidence should always be a priority. You don’t need to know everything in your field/ area but having the confidence to delegate, communicate and apply team problem solving has just as much impact as technical skills in leadership.”

Victoria Loosmore, Head of Motor Product & Propositions, for Outstanding Returner

“This industry offers so many different career options, so be really open-minded to what your career in financial services could look like. Listen to the stories of others, make connections, be open to learning and have a growth mindset and you'll absolutely love this industry and thrive at the same time.”

Katie Carter, Operational Controls Manager, for Team Player of the Year

“Be yourself, and recognise your traits as your own, not as those of a ‘woman’. Be your own ally! Building a network with others can be useful, and a good way to discuss challenges and changes you may want to make. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to speak up. Your opinion is important!”

Wendy Godfrey, Business Manager, for Rising Star of the Year

“Be as curious as you can be, there is so much to learn every day. Be brave to try everything you desire even though it can sometimes seem scary. Have fun along the way and always be kind to yourself.”

Judged by eight business leaders from across the industry, keep an eye on our social channels to see how they get on!

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