International Women’s Day takes place on March 8th, and as always, we'll be celebrating it and encouraging people to join us. International Women's Day is part of our broader commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) in all its guises. And this year’s theme, Inspire Inclusion, adds an extra DE&I dimension to the day.

Inspire Inclusion encourages everyone to recognise the unique perspectives and contributions of women from all walks of life, including those from marginalised communities.

Regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or social status, equal opportunity for all is so important to forge a better world. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to champion opportunity and equity for women, but we cannot do so without recognising that DE&I is part of advocating inclusivity.

As a business, MotoNovo’s commitment to DE&I is very public, and its impact is encouraging. The business’ Senior Leadership Team has a 60/40 (female/male) split, with all the members involved in a range of DE&I initiatives led by Managing Director, Richard Jones, who is a member of the Automotive 30% Club, a network of over 70 automotive CEOs and MDs who have committed to be inclusive leaders and build diverse gender-balanced businesses.

A broad series of initiatives have been established to enhance gender diversity in MotoNovo. These include a Women in Leadership programme, now in its second year; the ‘Leading the Way’ gender-balanced middle to upper management talent development programme is helping to prepare female colleagues to make that next step into senior leadership; and the gender-balanced executive development programme prepares high-potential female colleagues for an executive role.

Given the business’ broader commitment to DE&I, gender-led initiatives do not operate in isolation, and other support programmes, including ‘Mission Include, ' are in place to support colleagues from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.

In the world of DE&I, gender is just one area of focus; MotoNovo is committed to creating an inclusive environment where every team member can flourish professionally and emotionally. The impact is evident.

The Impact of DE&I on the Business Team - Pulse Survey (Oct 23)

77% of colleagues responded positively to the statement, ‘We have made progress towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion at Aldermore Group’.

 81% of colleagues scored positively to ‘At Aldermore Group, everyone can succeed to their full potential, no matter who they are.’

Overall business engagement has improved from 45% in 12/21 to 73% in 10/23

Across Aldermore and MotoNovo, March 8th will see the business celebrate inspiring inclusion and live this commitment in the way it continues to operate. It is a business that is proud to provide opportunities for everyone.

Debbie McKay, Commercial Sales Director

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