The rules for repairing written-off cars are changing. Recently, HPI updated their Insurance write-off Categories from A,B,C and D to A, B, S and N. 

What are the new categories? 

  • Category A: This stays the same. These are the cars that have been so badly damaged that they can only be crushed as there’s no possibility of salvaging any parts.
  • Category B: This is the same as before, but now B stands for Break. These cars can only be broken for any useful parts they can provide. If it’s not economically viable to strip the car for parts, it will just be crushed.
  • Category S: Cars used to be put into Category C because repair costs exceeded the vehicle’s value – it was all about the economic reality. Now it’s purely about whether or not the car can be fixed, although insurance companies are bound to look at whether or not the financial case stacks up.
  • Category N: Cars are graded according to what damage they’ve sustained rather than how much it’ll cost to get the car roadworthy again.

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