Last month, we introduced you to the faces at Ron Skinner and Sons who shared some useful insights into how they effectively sell finance in their dealership. This month, we’re introducing you to Dan and the team from Prestige Cars Cardiff, who have a staggering combined experience of 100 years in the motor industry!

Here’s what Dan had to say about the importance of being digital and their success using findandfundmycar…

“Everybody’s digital now. I think that a stat I heard was that there was 16 hours of research done, any customer that’s looking to purchase a car online before they’ve actually made the enquiry. It’s very important to get the right message across, giving the customers as much information as possible. We still photograph in the forestry when we can which is very local to us. It just gives the customer the best visual possible and they know we’ve put that much effort into the photos and that they can see all the specification is covered.

We’ve got probably 50-60 photos of every car online but the common thing that I always here from customers is that they see a car online and are happy with the car, loved the website and everything else, but the final thing for them to commit to actually travelling the distance as opposed to going somewhere local, is the reviews. So, they get that confidence.

findandfund I think has been very successful in the sense that it’s brought a lot of customers to us. I think our first findandfund deal that we had, the enquiry came through from a gentleman in New York. We got very excited but were also a little bit impatient that we couldn’t proceed as normal but we ended up waiting for the gentleman to come back, everything was processed smoothly and he bought a lovely new Mercedes from us which worked out very well. So, we’ve got a lot of confidence in the product and we work really closely with MotoNovo as well. From the website, I think the photographs and the reviews definitely help us as a findandfund dealer.”

We also caught up with Richard, Prestige Cars’ Sales Manager who explained a popular service they offer to their customers…

“Dan will go out to source and buy cars that are different. Generally, the higher value cars more so. We do offer a home delivery service for customers of ours who’ve bought cars, from the likes of London. A customer recently in Birmingham who’d bought a car previously to us, his wife was looking for a car – we were able to source that car, send him all the images through and arrange delivery directly to his house which worked with the customer and it worked with us.”

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