The Women in Credit Awards from Credit Strategy celebrate and champion the work of incredible female leaders across the financial services industry. Empowering, connecting, supporting and uncovering achievements among inspirational women in the profession, the awards are unlike any other.

We’re enormously proud to celebrate our six shortlisted candidates, acknowledging the positive impact that each woman has had not only in MotoNovo Finance, but also in the industry as a whole.

Meet out finalists, with a few words of wisdom for future women leaders in our industry:

Victoria Loosmore, Head of Product & Marketing Governance, for Team player of the Year – for an individual who has made a special contribution to the team they work in which has had an impact on the team and/or wider organisation.

“One thing that has really stuck with me, energised me and focussed me the most is how as women we can fall into the trap of feeling the need to work tirelessly to prove what we can do instead of showing what we are truly capable of.  My advice would be to know what you want, talk about it and ask for help.”

Claire Fussey, Team Manager, for Team leader of the Year – for a woman who has shown exceptional ability leading a functional team of any size with outstanding results – financial or otherwise.

“Understand your personal purpose, strive towards finding a role that fits that purpose and believe in yourself! Take chances to learn and stretch yourself and small steps towards the goal a of being in a role that you enjoy, care about and are happy in! Also utilise, focus upon and leverage your strengths.”

Amy Dicomidis, Senior Operations Manager, for Transformation of the Year – for a woman who has led a charge for the firm she works for that has significantly bettered how the business previously operated.

“Keep breaking the moulds, don’t ever let being a woman hold you back from your goals. You do not have to rely on your masculine side to succeed, you can be ambitious, strong and successful without changing who you authentically are.”

Courtney Putland, Dealer Oversight & Recoveries Manager, for Innovator of the Year – for a woman who has demonstrated achievements that have bought something new – such as a change in process, strategy or technology – to the organisation she works for.

"To me, Diversity and Inclusion means acknowledging, accepting and valuing differences. Being willing to have the conversation and learn about and from others. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, your opinions and ideas are important."

Laura Griffin, Senior Account Manager, for Outstanding Returner – for an individual of any gender who has been through the challenges of returning back to work during and after parental leave.

"Having my daughter helped me realise my purpose of collaborating with brilliant women to inspire future generations and achieve gender equality.  I’m grateful to work for a company that supports and enables me to be my true authentic self and find more fulfilment, in and out of work.

Debbie Mckay, Head of Motor, for Colleague of the Year – for an individual who has helped one or more individuals in the organisation they work for.

“I would encourage all future female leaders to be authentic, really curious and when needed brave.  Being brave requires all of us to recognise that “fear” is a useless emotion and often what holds individuals back.”

What does supporting women look like in your dealership? Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more news, insights and resources for MotoNovo dealerships on diversity and inclusion in the world of finance. Stay tuned!

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