Grow your business with our dealer funding.

Whether that's purchasing more stock, making improvements to your dealership, or expanding your forecourt - we could lend you the funds to make it happen.

Read more about our options below.

Unit Stocking

A fully online system that makes it easy for you to monitor what stock you’re funding. You can maintain your accounts efficiently by accessing real-time views of inventory, available credit, vehicle detail and history.

Supplier Direct Funding

Part of our Unit Stocking offering, purchase vehicles quickly and conveniently through our trusted suppliers. Helping you save on time, money and convenience, we’ll fund 100% of a vehicle’s price so you can grow your business. 


A lump sum to aid cash flow, typically to make improvements to your dealership, expand your forecourt or grow your business. 

Advance Commission/Revenue Share

An upfront lump sum payment, in line with your annual expectation of commission and/or revenue share earnings. The limit is typically based on your previous proven volumes of retail delivery and related earnings, factored as necessary for growth aspirations.

Dealer funding partnerships

Working with some of the largest recognised firms in the Industry,  our funded dealers have the opportunity to integrate their systems with industry leaders in technology and conveniently source stock from all over the UK.

How to apply

1. Get in touch with your Account Manager, who can help you with your application. Not a MotoNovo dealer partner yet?

2. If your funding is approved, we'll provide you with your funding offer letter and paperwork to sign and return to us.

3. Once the paperwork is signed and returned, subject to checks and approval, you'll either receive the funds directly (for Advance Commission, Advance Revenue Share or a loan), or you'll receive your login details for the APAK Stocking Plan. You'll then be able to monitor what stock you’re buying and maintain your accounts efficiently and effectively online.

Already have dealer funding with us?

There are some changes to the way your interest rate is calculated, for more information click here.