MotoRate is our all-new pricing solution that gives your customers a transparent finance journey.

The customer’s interest rate is based on their own credit rating, so they know they’re getting a fair deal on their finance. With MotoRate, you can:

  • Offer competitive rates from 5.9%APR
  • Increase your finance penetration and add-on sales
  • Put dealer finance where personal loans have been for years
  • Set your dealership up for the future
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See the results.

Almost 2000 dealers have switched already. Here’s what they've experienced so far¹.

● 40% average increase in business volumes (YoY)
● 40% average growth in finance penetration
● Up to 100% average increase in New Business performance

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What do customers think of the MotoRate experience?

Findings from an internally conducted customer satisfaction survey show us that:

  • 55% were familiar with credit rating based pricing
  • 66% received a great experience
  • 72% would now consider dealer finance again

Having a good finance package in the dealership makes buying a vehicle far better than searching through lots of different types.

I understood clearly how the interest rate was calculated.

Easy and quick process with excellent service

Ready to make the switch?

Your local MotoNovo Account Manager would love to talk to you about how MotoRate could benefit your dealership, and find a pricing plan that works for you. 

¹Average results from dealers on MotoRate pricing plans, from Nov 2018 to Jan 2020.