MotoRate is our pricing solution that gives your customers a transparent finance journey.

The customer’s interest rate is personalised to their credit rating, so they know they’re getting a fair deal on their finance. With MotoRate, you can:

  • Increase your finance penetration and improve business volumes
  • Boost new business performance
  • Embrace FCA compliant pricing
  • Help put dealer finance where personal loans have been for years

See the results

● Over 2,600 dealers on MotoRate terms
● 18% higher acceptance rate for MotoRate dealers 
● 23% higher finance volume growth (A1 customers) for MotoRate dealers

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What do customers think of the MotoRate experience?

Data from internally conducted customer research and independent marker research shows us that:

  • 86% would recommend dealer finance because of MotoRate 
  • Trust ratings increase by 32% for dealers using MotoRate

I understood clearly how the interest rate was calculated.

Very straightforward process with excellent transparency

Easy and quick process with excellent service

MotoRate customer

Ready to make the switch?

Your local MotoNovo Account Manager would love to talk to you about how MotoRate could benefit your dealership, and find a pricing plan that works for you.