As a business that’s built our past success on ‘driving forward through innovation and change’, we’ve been challenging ourselves to think about the post Covid-19 world and how we can adapt to ensure we remain relevant, sustainable and successful.

We’ve identified four key areas of opportunity and believe dealers are perfectly positioned to deliver the experience, products, services and reassurance customers will likely seek. Here are our predictions:

  1. Social distancing may see some people switch from public transport or car sharing to using their own car.
  2. Restrictions throughout the UK and a reluctance or inability to travel abroad could encourage UK travel.
  3. Altered working patterns to ease commuting and social interaction could drive interest in car usage.
  4. Long-term remote working may see people move out of urban locations to areas where car ownership is more desirable.

Introducing MotoRate

We’ve been working to fundamentally change the dealer finance model to improve our proposition for customers and dealers in the ‘new world’. To help lead the market to recovery, we launched MotoRate; an industry-first risk based pricing model. Enabling dealers to sell more vehicles and increase profitability; with peace of mind that they are being fair & transparent to the customer.