A convenient way to monitor your funded stock and maintain your accounts efficiently and effectively

APAK Stocking Plan is a revolving credit line facility where loans are advanced against title secured vehicles, using industry leading software called APAK. The MNF APAK Stocking Plan is a fully controlled online system making it easy for you to monitor what stock you’re funding and helps maintain your accounts efficiently and effectively by accessing real-time views of inventory, available credit, vehicle detail and history.

The benefits to you:
  • Can usually offer more funding than the other funding products due to the title secured nature of this. As this product is title secured, this is our preferred lending model.
  • This facility is good for growing a business by way of stock levels.
  • It is a ‘rolling’ credit facility - once a vehicle is sold, it can be replaced with another on the system the same day, to ensure cash flow is not hindered.

If you'd like to find out more about our APAK Stocking Plan, please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to help, and will talk you through the application.

If you're not already an existing dealer, you can enquire about becoming a MotoNovo dealer here.